International Journalist´s Meetings

Journalists who have found asylum as refugees in Germany are invited to join the meetings, which offer an opportunity for networking, integration, and discussion. Lectures and talks regarding journalistic work, ethics, media systems and media law, can be provided.

Meetings language is German. Translation into Arabic, Spanish or English can be provided. Language mediators are very welcome. The meeting is for free.

The International Journalist´s Meetings are designed and coordinated by the European Institute for Journalism and Communication Research (EIJC). Volunteer interpreters enabled high level technical communication.


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Petra Kohnen from Deutsche Welle Akademie at the meeting on 26.05.2016

Petra Kohnen (Deutsche Welle Akademie)

Foto: EIJC


We were very happy to welcome Petra Kohnen from Deutschen Welle Akademie who introduced advanced trainings for journalists at DWA. "Mobile reporting - that's the future", Kohnen says.

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Syrian Journalists at the hangout of investigative journalists “Netzwerk Recherche”


Dr. Lutz Mükke (EIJK) interviewed the Syrian journalists Tarek Khello and Ebraheem Alisa Algasam, who talked about threats journalists have to face in the warzone of Syria, their perception of news coverage on refugees and their future in Germany.

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European Conference on Media Freedom 2015

Reporting on refugees - media in crisis?



At the European Media Freedom Conference (ECPMF) in October 2015, one of the international journalists, Tarek Khello, discussed differences and problems of the media coverage on refugees with journalists from Serbia, Hungary, Germany and the UK.

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International Journalists were guests at Leipzig University

From war zones to German newsrooms – Syrian journalists report on Leipzig

In Syria they reported on attacks and destruction – as well as on daily life. Nowadays the journalists Tarek Khello, Ebraheem Alisa Algasam and Mohamed al Khatib gain new experiences. Step by step they want to achieve their new aim: To work again as journalist - in Germany.

Besides of joining a German course, Khello, Algasam and al Khatib participate at the International Journalist's Meetings. Following an invitation of EIJC they attended a seminar on journalistic research at Leipzig University this summer. The Syrian journalists worked with Journalism students, not only learning the basics of the media world in Germany but also conducting their own journalistic research. The Syrian journalists reported on their experiences of being a journalist in war zones, discussing, for example, the risks, problems and limitations reporters face, as well as their particular responsibility to their audience.

With a team of German students Khello produced a report on refugee accommodation, for the local radio Mephisto 97,6; Ebraheem Alisa Algasam was an important interview partner. Another report by Mohamed al Khatib will soon feature in a local magazine. Lebanese journalist Whalid Elzein participated as a guest.

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The report online |

>>> „Where human dignity comes to an end”

By Carlotta Jacobi, Pauline Bombeck, Elisa Marie Rinne and Tarek Khello, Mephisto 97,6, 02.08.2015

The research workshop ran at the Institute for Communication and Media Research at the University Leipzig, and also the local radio station Mephisto 97,6. It was designed and coordinated by Dr. Lutz Mükke (EIJC) and Radio and TV journalist Ulrike Werner. Students of Arabic Studies at Leipzig University enabled high level technical communication as volunteer interpreters.


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